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Semi-conductor Manufacturing
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The semiconductor industry has some of the most demanding applications in motion control. A combination of extreme accuracy and precision combined with high throughput, makes for exciting technology.

Semiconductor processing can be divided into two parts - "front-end" and "back-end".

Front-end refers to the fabrication from a blank wafer to a completed wafer (i.e. the microchips are created but they are still on the wafer). Back-end refers to dicing the wafer into individual chips and all the processes thereafter; such as test, assembly and packaging.

Machine Objectives/ Motion Control Requirements:

Low noise, high speed, high precision
High-speed interpolation at corner


Key Technologies

Matching between the tooling and moving path



ES-M32309, ES-M32330
iES-2309, iES-2320
EM503, EM705
42HS03, 57HS22