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CNC Routers
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The CNC router machine mainly includes electric system, actuator system and mechanical structure. The performance of the machine is directly depended on the performance of these three parks.

Electric System
The electric system mainly includes motion controller, drives, motor, power supply and inverter. Compared with the stepper system, servo system has a higher running speed, lower noise and precision advantage. But the stepper system can almost satisfy the requirement of the router and it’s easy to setup and adjust. The most importance advantage of stepper system is that it’s a very economical proposal. So the stepper system is still the main proposal in this industry now.

Actuator System
The actuator has both lead screw and rack system. The lead screw actuator most used in a small-scale router machine. It’s connected to the motor with the coupling or ratio wheel. The stiffness of the lead screw would decrease and more ripples would happen with the growing of the lead screw’s length. But the lead screw actuator has a better processing accuracy. The rack actuator most used in a large-scale router machine. It’s always connected to the motor with the ratio wheel and used double motors in the Y axis running synchronous. But the rack actuator’s precision is lower than lead screw.



Stepper or Servo Systems In Use Size/Application Actuator

M Series:     M542+57HS13
EM Series:  
ES Series:  
ES-D508+ ES-M32320

 <1200mm Screw

M Series:     M860+86HS45
DM/EM Series:   
DM870 / EM806+86HS45
ES Series:  

 1200-1800mm  Rack/Screw

DM Series:   DM1182+86HS85
ES Series:  

 >1800mm  Rack