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Standalone Controllers

Standalone Controllers


  • Support BASIC or G code in stand-alone mode
  • High speed linear interpolation and circular interpolation
  • Multi-axis continuous interpolation
  • Support touch screen and USB flash disk, easy-to-use
  • Ethernet motion controller available, supports multiple masters and slaves

Leadshine is distinguished from others by providing motion controllers that are highly reliable, cost-effective, and  easy-to-use.  Leadshine's SMC series stand-alone offer 1 to 4 axes motion control for stepper motors or servo motors to accomplish various operations. These controllers can operate stand-alone or support multiple master and slaves, or interface to a PC with an USB interface or USB flash disk.

All of them are SMT processed with high reliability. They are suitable for stepper and servo control systems.  Leadshine offers drivers, demo software, and documents to help the users to develop their own application   software  with G code or BASIC programming.

Available Products

Model Series Control Type Type # of Axes Max Pulse
Output Frequency
# of General
Purpose Inputs
# of General
Purpose Outputs
SMC6480SMCStep & DirectionStandalone45 MHZ3224Leadshine Basic
SMC6480GSMCStep & DirectionStandalone45 MHZ3224G Code