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Regulated Switching Power Supplies

Regulated Switching Power Supplies


  • Specifically designed to power stepper and servo systems
  • High efficiency and output power up to 500W
  • Input voltage of 85-132 and / or 176-265 AC
  • Output voltage of 24/36/28/60 VDC
  • Quick response to constant current changes
  • Able to take voltage charge back in stepper/servo systems
  • Short circuit, over-current, over-voltage and short-voltage protection

In stepper and servo systems, frequent speed and torque changes result in frequent current changes drawing from power supplies. When accelerating, servo / stepper drives draw high current and requires quick response for the power supplies. In de-acceleration, stepper / servo motors generates EMF charge back voltage back to servo / stepper drives, which will require the power supplies to “absorb” such voltage to the damage of connected stepper / servo drives.

Normal regulated switching power supplies commonly found on market are designed for powering devices with less output current changes. They can’t response quick enough to meet servo and stepper system. When adopted in servo or stepper systems, they could be even damaged because of lack the ability to handle voltage charge back from de-acceleration of servo / servo systems.

With special design, built-in EMI, and large built-in capacitors, Leadshine RPS regulated switching power supplies can meet the quick and frequent current change requirements in servo / stepper systems. Leadshine RPS series supplies are capable of delivering current efficiently and quickly to servo / servo drives without affecting the reliability. Those power supplies can working in a wide voltage range of 85 - 132 and / or 176 – 265 VAC, output 24 / 36 /48 / 60 VDC up to 500W continuous power.

Available Products

Model Series Input Voltage
Output Voltage
Output Current
Peak Current
Rated Power
RPS2410RPS115/230VAC ±10%2410240199*110*500.8
RPS369RPS115/230VAC ±10%369.7360215*113.6*500.88
RPS4810RPS115/230VAC ±10%4810.4500261*102.4*651.14
RPS488RPS115/230VAC ±10%488.3400215*113.6*500.88
RPS608RPS115/230VAC ±10%608.5500261*102.4*651.14