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Closed Loop Stepper Products

Leadshine’s CS-D series product is means Closed Loop Stepper Drive, offers an alternative for applications requiring higher performance and higher reliability than open loop stepper system, and it remains cost-effective. The matched stepper motors are NEMA17,23 and 24 combined with an internal encoder which is used to close the position, velocity and current loops in real time.
Closed Loop Stepper Motors
Closed Loop Stepper Motors

High quality closed Loop Stepper Motors (stepper motors with an encoders) of NEMA 17 to 34 integrated with 1,000-line 2-channel incremental encoders; industrial quality, high reliability, smooth motion, low heating, low vibration.

Closed Loop Stepper Drives
Closed Loop Stepper DrivesLeadshine closed loop stepper drives designed to solve step loss problem in open loop stepper systems. Step and direction or EtherCAT control. Power NEMA 8/11/16/17/24/34 frame size closed loop stepper motors.