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Stepper Drives

As the largest stepper drive designer and manufacturer around the world, Leadshine offers a wide range of stepper drives which can satisfy requirements for most stepper motor controls. From 2 phase (4 phase) to 3 phase, 18-325 VDC to 90-230 VAC voltage input, simple step & direction control to I/O type control to CANopen/EtherCAT/RTEX industrial network control,you can always find the right stepper drives for your stepper control systems. Leadshine stepper drives are widely adopted because of their wide choices, excellent performance, high reliability, and reasonable prices. Those stepper drives have been implemented by thousands of OEM clients in the world from tens of industries such as CNC machinery, electronics, medical, semiconductor,packaging, lab automation, etc.

General Stepper Drives
Step & direction and CW & CCW control type general purpose stepper drives which are capable of powering any frame size (NEMA 8 to 51) 2, 3, and 4 phase stepper motors
Network Stepper Drives
EtherCAT, CANopen and Modbus RTU control type network stepper drives capable of powering all frame size stepper motors; excellent performance, moderate prices, and wide choices