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CS-M22331-L - 3.1 N.m (439 Oz-In) NEMA 23 Closed Stepper Motor with 1000-Line Encoder


  • 2 phase, NEMA 23 frame size
  • 105 mm (4.13 inch) long
  • 5 A phase current
  • 3.1 N.m (439 oz-in) holding torque
  • 8 mm (0.315 inch) shaft size
  • Integrated 1,000 line (4,000 count/revolution) quadrature rotary encoder
  • High precision, low motor heating, and low vibration

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The CS-M22331-L is a 2 phase stepper motor with 3.1 N.m (439 oz-in) holding torque and integrated with a 1,000 line (4,000 counts/revolution) differential ended rotary encoder. Build with high quality materials including bearings and shaft made by Japanese manufacturers, this closed loop stepper motor can be adopted in many industrial applications with excellence performance such as high precision, low motor heating, and low vibration.
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