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Controller Accessories

Controller Accessories


  • Reliable quality
  • Easy to connect
  • Various cable lengths

To make wiring and connecting easier, Leadshine offers various types of cables, connectors, and breakout board for its motion controllers. These accessories can help the users to build or test their motion control systems in a quick and easy way.

Available Products

Part Number Matching Controller Matching Terminal Board Matching Extension Cable Length
1.4.4-3737400-B11DMC2410B, DMC5480,
SMC6480, ENC7480
ACC37-7480-22-meter (6.6-foot) extension cable between the controllers and terminal board.
1.4.4-6868500-B11DMC2410B, DMC5480ACC68C-1.51.5-meter (4.9-foot) extension cable between the controllers and terminal board.
ACC2410DMC2410B, DMC5480-CABLE68-NP-20, CABLE37-DP-20-The terminal board for the DMC2410B, DMC5480.