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CS1-D503S - 2-Phase Enhanced Closed Loop Stepper Drives


  • 20-50VDC supply voltage, max 3A output current
  • No loss of step, No hunting, No torque reservation, No tuning
  • Step & direction or CW/CCW control modes
  • Enhance performance at low speed application(30-120 RPM)
  • Max 500 KHz input frequency
  • Brake output without connecting a relay
  • Encoder A/B/Z outputs
  • Switch Setting: Microstep, Direction, Pulse Mode, Positional command filter, Encoder resolution, Gain adjustment and output current, 5V / 24V logical voltage selector
  • CE certified and RoHS compliant

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Leadshine CS1-D503S is closed loop stepper drives designed to solve the loss of step problem in open loop stepper control systems, thus increase system reliability at minimal cost increase. It implements advanced control algorithm of Leadshine based on its tens of years’ experience in stepper and servo controls. The CS1-D503S are highly reliable and affordable and performs excellent in many industrial applications such as CNC, medical, electronics, packaging...

The CS1-D503S can power 2-phase NEMA 8, 11 and 17 stepper motors with incremental encoders. Compared with traditional open loop stepper systems, the CS1-D503S adopted closed loop step system can eliminate potential loss of step, make real-time position error correction, and do not need torque reservation (100% torque implementation). Also it can power the driven stepper motor with reduced heating, lower noise, low vibration…

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