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As one of the largest leading designers and manufacturers in the motion control industry around the world, Leadshine offers full product line of high-performance and low-cost motion control products. Our products include 2 & 3 phase stepper drives & motors, integrated easy servos (integrated closed loop steppers), integrated stepper motors, easy servo drives & motors (closed loop steppers), brushless & brushed servo drives / motors, PC base & standalone motion controllers, power supplies, and companion accessories.
Stepper Products
Stepper Products

Leadshine offers complete stepper products including stepper drives, multi-axis stepper drives, integrated stepper motors, and 2 & 3 stepper motors. Our stepper products are well known for their high performance, reliability, and cost saving.

Closed Loop Steppers
Closed Loop SteppersLeadshine’s CS-D series product is means Closed Loop Stepper Drive, offers an alternative for applications requiring higher performance and higher reliability than open loop stepper system, and it remains cost-effective. 
(Closed Loop Steppers)
Easy Servos

Leadshine offers easy servo products (closed loop steppers) including integrated easy servo motors, easy servo drives, and easy servo motors. Those products combine advantages of stepper and servo systems, and can boost the performance of stepper systems or replace brushless servos.

High Voltage Servos
High Voltage ServosLeadshine offers a wide range of high voltage AC servo drives and motors. Those servo motors are available from 100w to 2kw with various encoder options up to 23-bit; servo drives can be controlled via step & direciton, CW/CW, I/O control, RS485, and EtherCAT
Low Voltage Servos
Low Voltage Servos

Leadshine servo products include integrated brushless servo motors, brushless servo drives, brushless servo motors, and brushed servo motors and drives. Those products are at industrial quality, high performance, simple to use, low cost, and highly reliable.

DC & BLDC Servos
DC & BLDC ServosLeadshine offers high quality 25-180W brushless DC servo motors and 50-120W brushed DC servo motors. Matching brushless DC servo drives and brushed servo drives are also available with 20-80 VDC input and maximum 20A output current
Other Products
Other Products

Besides stepper and servo motors, Leadshine also offers Leadshine other motion control products and accessories such as motion controllers, power supplies, motor cables, breakout boards, etc.